Gospel needs works

Now we are tying to reach souls for christ,
throught different ways...

Founders Message:

Hi Iam Mr. David Manasseah Badugu, Iam The Founder Developer of Gospel Needs Organization, Present only Focusing on Telugu Language in Christianity . 

Gospel Needs Organization was started in 2018, with gods words to reach the people with Digital Media and Offline Ministry,

Focusing on Digital Media and IT Support to Denominations, Where thousands of illiterate’s and Blinds are unable to read Christian Missionary’s books and Christian Soul Building Books. 


Why clients choose us
I wonder how this guy is working hard, god will bless him aboundently
Richard Blackwood
you think this work is small but your doing it in great way.. good!
Sis.lilama Joseph
Principal of St.Marys
Need to Update
Alexander White
Seven Communications
Need to Update
Miriam Swift
Seven Media Agency
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