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Rev. Azariah Koranbandi Radio Messages

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Rev. Azariah Koranbandi Radio Messages

Rev.K.Azariah, is the founder of Habitat for Humanity in India. He has been widely honored for humanitarian and evangelistic work. He is expected to be honored this year by a chapter of Rotarians in New York. He is the author of Chosen By God and Popular Hinduism.Rev K.Azariah, is a graduate of United Theological College in Bangalore and has studied at Cambridge University, England. His ministry team includes more than 200 people. They serve over 100 villages and towns, provide direct care for over 500 children, run 3 schools nurturing 1,200 children, a village for families with leprosy, micro loans for village women to start their own businesses, projects for child laborers, care for mentally handicapped youth, deaf and blind children, daily care for the hungry and sick, supervision of a mission hospital and a Bible School.Rev.Azariah’s greatest passion is to present Christ to Hindus and Muslims, church planting, care for poor children, elderly people, health and rehabilitation programs and low-cost housing.Rev.Azariah, has inspired many pastors and missionaries, notably from USA, UK and Australia. For more than fifty years, he has put into practice everything that he has preached – in some “dusty towns and villages, remote tribal areas and the legendary mega-cities of Hyderabad and Chennai” – Rev.Dr. David Rowe(a pastor of the Greenfield Hill Congregational Church, Fairfield, Connecticut…formerly a pastor of Baptist, Congregational and Presbyterian churches).Consider Jesus by Rev. Rowe, is a biography of Rev. K. Azariah. Rev. Rowe’s “sole purpose in writing the book was to offer Azariah’s life and ministry as a model for ministry anywhere”.
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